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About phygitalme | Ketty & Markus

We are an Italian/German couple. We share a passion for traveling and learning.

We developed the foundations of a remote fit & healthy lifestyle on different routes.

Ketty is a sales & marketing manager as well as a sports nutritionist.

Markus is a former project manager who turned yoga teacher/therapist and movement coach.

We’re both curious minds.

We set out on a journey of intentionally creating a meaningful work/life ecosystem.

BTW What does “phygitalME” mean?

Glad that you ask. It’s put together from physical and digital with a focus on ME.

We are physical beings living and working in a digital world. And we help people return to the ME.

The source of our authentic self. Our nature.

We go beyond movement & nutrition.

Our philosophy is simple.

A fit and healthy lifestyle is the foundation for personal freedom.

Health, wealth, and happiness are created from the inside out.

A healthy body is a prerequisite for a powerful mind.

Only a powerful mind can create with ease.

For ease and joy, we start from within.

Within our body & mind.

We think big

We envision a tribe of strong, energized, and thriving change makers, who are FIT for solving the most critical global needs.

Ok. Let’s get back down to earth.

You might notice we are two idealists.

We believe in our human potential to change and evolve.

Family and friends, your social ecosystem, and modern media have shaped your identity. Evolve and grow into the healthy, natural, and authentic you.

The ultimate desire beyond health, wealth, and happiness is peace of mind.
Move toward your ultimate freedom from the inside out. From mind to matter.

The environment is a reflection of your inner core. Holistic health & fitness [body, mind, soul] is the bedrock for solving environmental issues.

Focus on unique thoughts and ideas. Creating and doing meaningful work reconnects what has shifted apart.

Expansion and curiosity, in life and others, are anchored in your genes. Vulnerability and depth are the links to yourself and others. Share the human experience.

We train purpose-driven remote entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to get strong and energized, so they perform better and can tackle current and future challenges.

In the summer of 2021, we finally decided to make the leap and go fully remote.

We believe this is the freedom-driven lifestyle of the future.

We spent 7 months in Valencia, Spain, and realized

many digital nomads, remote entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs struggle with their

  • weight
  • proper training [or physical activity at all]
  • physical, mental, and emotional health optimization.

That’s exactly our expertise.

What we do

We have started phygitalme as a way to share our unique experience of remote fitness, what we’ve learned [and keep on learning] about a fit & healthy lifestyle and personal growth, as well as intentional life design.

We are here to serve as catalysts for people’s energy, vitality, & well-being so that together we can thrive physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Whenever you’re ready [and believe we are a great fit], here’s how we do it:

Let’s Connect

We love working with smart change-makers from all walks of life.

If you have an idea for a collaboration, want to jam out on a podcast, or hire us to speak to your team or company, then let’s chat.

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