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Go from here 🪫

  • You feel overwhelmed and struggle to stay productive and energetic
  • You work in a high-pressure environment that drains you
  • Your responsibility is huge creating stress and anxiety
  • You work 10+ hours per day which shatters physical and mental performance
  • You realize that your relationship, family life, and/or health suffer

To there 🔋

  • Feeling full of energy, getting things done, and creating long lasting results
  • Building a system to automate exercising, eating healthy, and being fit (again)
  • Having resilience, de-stress, and peace of mind
  • Creating healthy habits and improving performance and well-being
  • Regenerating your personal life and balancing out more

Hi, we're Ketty & Markus.

We worked a decade of high-pressure jobs in the German automotive industry. After individually hitting the ground we went down the rabbit hole of holistic health & wellness starting with the physical—then moving beyond.

Bringing body & mind in alignment—treating it as a whole—creates long-lasting changes for a lifetime.

Leveraging natural biohacking and stacking healthy habits has helped us and countless others merge performance & well-being to intentionally design a healthier, wealthier life.

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